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The Ricoh GR II and Why I Always End Up With a Ricoh by JTINSEOUL

So, I just wrote about the Fujifilm X-Pro 2. It is a nice enough camera. I used it over the past six months. The fact of the matter is though, I never felt much of a connection to that camera. It worked just fine, but it never made me want to take photos. It was just, well, there.

For reference, here is a picture of my Leica M3. It is probably the most lovely camera I’ve ever used or seen. It had spent much of its time in a closet. When this camera finds its way into my hands I just want to take photos. The Fuji never made me feel that way. For the amount of photos I took with the Fuji I would have been better off just carrying the M3 around. It is certainly sexier 


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A guide to disassembling the Ricoh GR for sensor cleaning by Jamie Collinson

The Ricoh GR is an excellent camera. A camera which has managed to displace all my former dalliances due to it’s small size, near-perfect ergonomics and incredible performance. But it does have a design flaw. Dust gets sucked into the lens assembly far too easily. On a recent trip I found lots of annoying dust spots. This is easy to fix, but tedious when you need to go through every. Single. Frame.I’d heard that cleaning the sensor wasn’t too difficult, but the best guide I found online was missing some details. I thought I’d put together a full guide with pictures. PreparationsRemove the memory card and batteryPrepare your toolsRicoh GRCrosshead screwdriverSomething thin and flat - I used a couple of flathead screwdriver heads[optional] Tweezers to assist in unpinning a data cable Removing the back panel screws There are 5 screws to remove before you can separate the front and back halves of the camera. Four are externally visible, but one is hidden underneath the handgrip. Start by u…

Why I Still Love Shooting with my Ricoh GR by Bigheadtaco

When I went to Hong Kong in the summer, I announced on my YouTube channel that I wasn't going to take my personal Ricoh GR. It was a tough decision, but I had my reasons (I explain it in this video). People thought I was giving up on my Ricoh GR, that I was a total Fujifilm and Leica convert. This couldn't have been further from the truth. I don't own any Fujifilm or Leica gear, I just review them. Yes most of my videos are about these two brands, but that's because I review cameras, that's my job. My Hong Kong trip was for work and there was no personal time to take my own pictures for myself. That's why the GR stayed at home. A month later I took off to Osaka with my wife to visit my little brother and his family. Guess what? I took my Ricoh GR in conjunction with the Fujifilm X-T2 and XF 23mm f/2 WR. Did I have fun with the GR and was it still a significant photographic tool? Yes and yes!
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Ricoh GR, the camera I always come back to By Rikard Landberg

This article appeared originally in full at Steve Huff 's website.
Hi Steve! I have used film Leicas for some years and I truly loved them. While shooting mostly film I have also tried to find a digital camera, but that was not easy! I bought the Ricoh GR (mark 1) and I loved it, but it broke down on me. I then thought a needed the Leica feeling so I tried the Fuji X100t, and I hated it. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great camera with great image quality and great feeling. But all I could think of while using the X100t was that it was not a Leica! I sold it and bought the Ricoh GR II.  ........ SEE & READ MORE Source (


Ricoh has a new patent (2016-201400) field in Japan for a Bayer sensor without a colour filter array (CFA) which should create sharper monochrome images. If dreams could come true a Ricoh GR Monochrome (ala Leica) would be an absolute corker.
We are all holding our breath for the Next incarnation of the Cult Ricoh GR APSC Camera. A 'Ltd Edition Monochrome' camera would be fantastic indeed.  Finger, toes and balls crossed.
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IRAN by Photographer Christer Johansen

Iran last week ...


It's A Dusty Road .... to the Top if Ya Wanna Spot and Groan.

My Ricoh GR as many might already know, is hanging on by the fingernails. Switching itself off, freezing, not focusing properly and generally being temperamental. The biggest issue however was dust, I had no dust until I had to send it away for a Warranty repair (lens kept sticking).

About 3 months after getting it back I noticed dust as in 'HEAPS' of it. I looked back at my files from the week after I received it back from Kennedy's (Australia) there it was dust everywhere ..... obviously during the repair they failed at some part of the process to protect the sensor and or just did not give it a clean before returning it to me. I double checked the files before I send the unit ... dust FREE.......

A little 'Adobe Photoshop' and the good old 'healing' brush and Bob's your uncle. Please do not write complaining about my quick 1 minute 20 second healing job. It was just for this post .....

Final image back into Lightroom for some minor adjustments and a…