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Sooo long .... and only ONE

West End .. love those sunnies. Unfortunately this was the only image from about 40 which was in focus. Looks like my Ricoh GR3 has an issue and needs a look at. Crap I hate to think what they will charge. I also just sent my 21mm lens to Mainline Cameras in Sydney, the front section of the lens started to have a 2-4 mm movement .. not good. So Now both my Ricoh and Leica are out of action hence the lack of images uploaded.

A Landscape

I thought I would share a Landscape image, not street I know but I felt like uploading something diffrent

Hi all ...

A quick Hi
Hi all,

A few people have written to me asking when I will be posting more street images ? I do apologize for the long time between uploads, however I have been working on another body of work for the last couple of months as well as a joint Zine venture titles 'Lies'. So there has been little time for uploads.

I have still been snapping away while doing my daily thing, so as soon as I get some space I will post-up. I also just grabbed an iPad 2 and realized how crap site is ... As in nobody with an iPad or iPhone can view my flash site. I know what your thinking, welcome to the 90's Simon flash is so yesterday HTML5 all the way. So I have been trudging the net looking for other options for a new site which you will be able to view with every device known to man.

Over the last year I have been compiling images which I would like to have in my first book. I plan on releasing a Limited Edition run of 25 copies in hardback (signed) by Au…