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Today was a saaaad day. My little friend passed away about 2:20pm, he worked so hard and never complained. He was always ready when I needed him and never skipped a beat, I will so miss you.

Although I have a 'Leica M4-P', 'Fujifilm X-Pro 1' I never ever left home without my Ricoh GR3 in my front left pocket, (the picture to the right is a testimony to that).

It along with it's fabulous heritage, is one perfect  piece of camera engineering. Small form factor, razor sharp f/1.9 28mm lens all provided what I feel is a perfect Street Shooter. It simply just cant be beat by any other small digital fixed lens camera on the market (Ricoh GR4 excluded).

So thank you Ricoh, much appreciated,  I really am grateful.

 I look so forward to obtaining the GR4 as soon as I can get the $$$ together, hell I think I might even get a new pair of jeans to imprint as well. Ashes to Ashes ... Dust to Dust.

I was lucky enough to win the NewFujifilm X-E1. CameraPro Australia held a "We Love Street Photography" competition on Facebook. My image below receaved the most votes.

This was actually the first time I have ever entered anything and just feel so lucky and privileged that friends and friends of friends took the time to vote and show their support.

Special thanks to Ian Knight who posted me the link, otherwise I may never had known about it.

Thanks everyone