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New GR Digital on its way ... GRV ?

(additional specifications available)

ricoh gr digital 4 lens cap The new Ricoh Digital GR camera to be announced next week (additional specifications available)
Here are some additional specifications for the upcoming Ricoh GR compact camera:

  • The new Ricoh GR will have a new processor called GR Engine 5.
  • Very fast and improved AF and start-up time.
  • No anti-aliasing (AA) filter.
  • High ISO up to 25,600
  • 1080P at 30fps HD video recording capabilities with continuous AF (H.264 format).
  • Built-in stereo mic.
  • The 28mm f/2.8 lens is completely re-designed and will have a 9 blades aperture.
  • Ricoh will also offer a wide angle conversion lens (GW-3) with a 21mm focal length.
  • The new GR will be compatible with Eye-Fi memory cards.
  • The US price will be around $800.
  • Announcement is next week. Shipping should start in May, 2013.

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Ricoh has a new patent (2016-201400) field in Japan for a Bayer sensor without a colour filter array (CFA) which should create sharper monochrome images. If dreams could come true a Ricoh GR Monochrome (ala Leica) would be an absolute corker.
We are all holding our breath for the Next incarnation of the Cult Ricoh GR APSC Camera. A 'Ltd Edition Monochrome' camera would be fantastic indeed.  Finger, toes and balls crossed.
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