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App Review// Piccure Anti Blur Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

While looking through the various sites I hi-jack for my other Blog 'West End Camera Club' , I stumbles on PetaPixels article on a new Anti Shake plugin for Photoshop called 'Pecure'. Although only in Beta, they allow you to try their free download, which is exactly what I did. I decided to use one of the last images I had posted which was shot on my Ricoh Gr Digital using Snap mode. I was a little close and had some slight camera shake (could be a combo of both or one or the other I have no idea) suffice to say it is not a sharp image by any stretch of the imagination.

I loaded the image into Adobe Photoshop CS6, selected the filter from the Filter drop-down menu. the interface is strait forward and even I had little trouble figuring out what to do. I did find the default setting a little overboard on the sharpening so I reduced the 'sharpening slider' and increased the ,quality slider all the way to the right.
Here is the finished result, which I took into Photoscape and combined, also compressed for the upload so not as high rez as could be but adequate  for this quick Post. I was quite surprised indeed, nice job the actual render time was super quick even on Highest quality about 4 seconds. So head over to Pecures website and try out the Beta ... I am looking very forward to the final release. You can also have a read of PetaPixels post here.

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