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1st Ricoh GR Image

Ricoh GR ... quicKly processed with Photoscape Freeware

Me and My New GR with Voigtlander 28mm Viewfinder

NEW RICOH GR ... Sneak Peek Pics ... Review Coming Soon

Over the next couple of days I will be shooting as much as possible and hope to have some of my thoughts up as quick as a SNAP.

Eric Kim's Ricoh GR Street Photography Review

Disclaimer: I have been provided a Ricoh GRD V (no strings attached) from Pentax-Ricoh. However I will try to keep this review as un-biased as possible.

Disclaimer aside, I think this is currently hands-down the best bang-for-the-buck digital camera for street photography currently out there right now (will release soon for $850 AUS). I love the compact size, the superb image quality and high-ISO performance, as well as the ergonomics and handling. It has been travelling with me alongside my Leica MP as a second shooter — and the camera seriously kicks ass.

While I still prefer shooting with film at the end of the day, it is an amazing camera and I highly recommend it to all street photographers who want a smaller alternative. Keep reading for more of my thoughts on the camera.

Also note I don’t really care for spec sheets and technical aspects, so I will keep this review as practical as possible for actual usage on the streets.

Continue Reading this great review in full…

Eric Kim talks about his Ricoh GR ... Skip to 6:45