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Don Springerand I are creators of Street Presets and Inspired Eye, we found it useful to describe his experiences with the Ricoh GR in a conversational way, like we do in the magazine. Further down I’ll invite some other Ricoh GR owners for a discussion: Ray Sachs, Wouter Brandsma, Craig Atkinson
Don, how long have you been a Ricoh user? Well, I guess since 1969. I was using a Leica m4 and a Nikon F when I was in Nam. The Leica was THE camera for many reasons. The Nikon F was a tank and unfortunately, it weighed like a tank. There was a shooter, camera shooter, from Australia naked Jock. He gave me the Ricoh TLS with a few lenses. It was ½ the weight of the Nikon. Great dependable camera. Which ones of the GRD Series did you own? I actually owned them all at one time or another. For me, Ricoh really got it together with the GRD3. That camera was and still is amazing. Then I got the GRD4 and well, words don’t exist to describe how good that camera is. READ & SEE MORE Source (http://www.f…

Google Silver Efex Pro 2 & Ricoh GR

Both JPG's above shot on my beloved Ricoh GR, within Adobe Photoshop CC I used Silver Efex Pro 2   and selected the 'Fine Print' from the list of standard presets (minus the frame). Finally into Photoscape to 'resize border & sharpen' the image.

That's all

Ricoh GR Alien Skin Exposure Kodachrome 1976 Examples

I really have been itching to try some of the Kodachrome Presets in 'Alien Skin's Exposure 5' with my Ricoh GR images. I shot some stuff a couple of days ago randomly while waiting for the bus infront of Coles West End. Just simple jpg's no raw, however they still have a great feel about them. Exposure is so nice to use, it's a great improvement over Exposure 4.

Simple and fun

Morning Walk to the city

Little hick-ups with Mr GR today, hopefully nothing serious. It kept freezing and had to remove the battery hmmmmmm.

Two + Two = NEW