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Cars Melbourne




Janus van den Eijnden’s portraits of New York City subway conductors press pause on the moment. There’s a tension at play: you finally get to look--for as long as you like--at the faces that help get an annual 1.7 billion commuters where they need to go. Yet each photograph is a near clone of the last: same silver metal siding, same rectangular conductor’s window that reveals the subject from just the waist up, same starched blue uniform. Each individual in the series even holds a similar posture: one hand resting on the windowpane, gazing off into space.


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One only

A quick snap at the crossroads in the City. Nothing special but I like the balance in this one.

The Ricoh GR with a 42mm CPL MagFilter

This is really just a test post and we didn’t know exactly what to make of our virgin story, but given the buzz created by the Ricoh GR in the past months and the fact that we recently got hold of one here in Norway, we decided to share some samples of how it looks with the 42mm MagFilter attached. If you don’t mind carrying around a very tiny pouch to accompany the Ricoh GR, then this 42mm CPL filter could offer a neat way to both reduce glare and protect your lens barrel from attracting dust should you be so unlucky. We just ordered this magfilter a few days ago, and it was apparently shipped from Hong Kong. We received it here in Oslo in a matter of days, and the UPS guy actually delivered it to our door…impressive. READ & SEE MORE Source ( via (