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GR - Big Lens Little Lens Project with Andrew Kagis

Ricoh gave the GR to photographer Andrew Kagis of Big lens Little lens to Shoot the Street of Sydney. Here's a look at what he's captured so far with the GR.


Source (Ricoh Digital Cameras Facebook)

Morning Cupa

Ricoh GR1s Review By Ben Beech

Ben Beech brings us a great little guest review about his experience with the Ricoh GR1s. Come and have a read.

Towards the end of spring this year I decided to start shooting in film again, after years of shooting digital. I missed certain aspects of shooting analogue, for example the thought processes behind making a shot, and the anticipation of not getting instant results. So, I went down to the annual camera fair in Shibuya (Tokyo) and got myself a pristine SLR, which I shoot with weekly and I like very much. 

After a month or so of shooting with the SLR though I decided I wanted to add another dynamic to my analogue experience. I wanted a point and shoot camera to accompany me on my day to day travels, I wanted something that didn’t require a bag when out and about on my bicycle. I wanted something I could literally take with me everywhere!


Gravity cinematographers Emmanuel Lubezki Instagram feed captured on GR IV

o I live on the same planet? The thought often runs through my mind when I’m confronted with the latest work of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, whose otherworldly collaborations with directors like Terrence Malick and Alfonso CuarĂ³n have yielded six Oscar nominations for Best Cinematography—including his most recent, for Gravity. Having conquered IMAX, he’s on to Instagram. In a recent interview in the New York Times Sunday Review, fellow cinematographer (and Oscar nominee, for Nebraska) Phedon Papamichael mentioned in passing Lubezki’s Instagram feed, which turns out to be one of the most intimately curated and visually arresting galleries currently in circulation on the social network—a collection of unidentified images by the greatest cinematographer in the game hiding in plain sight.

Source ( via (Ricoh Facebook)

1 for the Day

Maralyn & Skippy

Quick Play with Adobe Photoshop CC & the New 'Perspective Warp' Feature

I took this shot as Stevee and I drove away in the car in West End and thought nothing of it. I actually wanted to test the New 'Perspective Warp' tool in Adobe Photoshop CC. This plain  nothing special image fit the bill.

The image has lots of lines and is obviously all over the place in terms of balance and perspective.  If you look at the original color image below 1 (I actually like this in color) and subsequent images 2/3/4 you can get a basic idea of what I did. First I took it into Silver Efex Pro 2 and converted it into a Monochrome (image 2). Image 3, I  removed the end of the fence on the right with content aware fill (just for fun), then the Perspective Warp tool.

It was just a fun exercise nothing more. I was quite impressed with the new Perspective Warp tool and the larger implications are obvious, especially if your a Landscape shooter or Architecture snapper.

So yea, nothing to exciting just a bit of a 5 minute play around

Brisbane City ...


Shoot the street of Melbourne with the Ricoh GR. Building upon an award winning series, the RICOH GR categorically redesigns the digital compact camera

Nice video, I really enjoyed the clip. It really shows of how versatile the Ricoh GR is as a camera. Will def post any more vids such as these when possible.

It would be great if 'Pentax Australia' had provided for us the names of the creative people behind and in front of the Camera. Even credits in the ABOUT tab would be helpful (you listening Pentax ?).
Source (Youtube PentaxAustralia)