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Two from yesterday ....

I really need to strat thinking outside of the box. I am finding much of my street work very 2 dimensional.

Brisbane City Mall

Suncorp Bank Before & Afters

I just wished to give you an idea of a what I start and finish with. It is just a simple shot (Ricoh GR jpg) not a keeper but it will do for this excersize. Above is my quick (3 minutes)  final image using Photoshop CC, Silver Efex Pro 2 and Photoscape. Below I have included a color version, I realize I dont post color that often so I will need to step out of my comfort zone a bit I think. I processed the below imageth first in Photoshop CC then Lightroom adding a VSCO Polaroid preset.

Both images above have been sharpened using Photoshop CC's new 'Shake Reduction' filter under the sharpen menu. It is surprising what a difference it can make. When shooting street I am always moving around, I rarely sit and wait for an opportunity to come my way. This obviously causes camera movement and although I set my shutter speed to 250th there is still an amount of camera movement effecting the image. It is a littler easier to see with the combined examples below. *iI thought I shou…


West End Camera Club has announced they will be holding a B&W Film Developing Workshop. April Dates to be announced.


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