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My Ricoh GR is off to the Doctors

Sadley my Ricoh GR has been sent to 'C R Kennedy's' in Brisbane for a repair under warranty. When being switchced off, I found the lens randomly started to make a noise when retracting into the camera body . It ocurred randomly about 2 weeks ago, but now has become a permanent fixture.

I checked my reciet and luckely I was still under warranty until June soooo offff she went. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome I have not dropped it or anything like that so should all turn out good, fingers crossed. I felt so alone when leaving in the morning so I grabbed my old 'Olympus Stylus Epic' P&S film camera. Lets see what unfolds with that.  A video and couple of shots below ....

 Nice vid describing the in's and outs of this great 'Yashica T' 'Contax' P&S alternative.

Ricoh GR and Motion Blur photography By Simon Painter

I’ve had the Ricoh GR for 6 months now and I’m just loving it. It seems to make so much sense, the menu system, ergonomics and picture quality turn it into what a camera should surely be and that’s just an extension of the user.
Before buying it I had my reservations. The size, the lack of tilting screen and viewfinder, and fixed focal length and whether the fiddly looking controls would become annoying in use. The size is great, they have managed to make it feel comfortable and controllable in the hand. The controls are at your fingers and once you get familiar with them adjustments are quick and accurate. The memory settings save pretty much every setting so are great for quickly going to your favourite setup as events unfold before you. This is no toy point and shoot, you have total control to fine tune your exposure. The camera’s light but still feels solid and the rubberized grip makes it feel secure. The screen is really good and is visible from a wide-angle. There have been tim…