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What a Difference a Step Makes

So here we have two images taken about two steps apart. I am interested in the concept of 'Two Steps Closer', does it make a difference. I don't wish to get all philosophical or anything just a point to think about.

Ricoh GR vs. Panasonic GM-1: 28mm Punch Up

Lin Kuan-Hsien thanks for the reminder ... Magic

Sometimes the literal images I chose to make divert me from the magic. I like being reminded of this when looking at others images, cheers 林官賢

How Ricoh Returned 90,000 Photos to Victims of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan by Michael Zhang

When Japan was devastated by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011, countless families lost precious photos in their homes that washed away. In response, many organizations sprung up to recover, restore, and reunite photos with their owners.

Source (

Opening Hours & 4 Software Film Presets

I am trying to upload at least something every week if possible. Even if it's just a single image. I thought I would take the image above and show a few examples of various film presets produced by four separate companies. On show we have VSCO Film Pack 1, Alien Skin, DXO FilmPack 5  & Mastin Labs Kodak Portra Pack .... let the games begin

So there you have it for a bit of fun. We have the following files  Original Ricoh GR FileBasic Lightroom CC processedDXO Film Pack Portra 400Alien Skin Exposure 7 Portra 400Mastin labs Portra 400 - Base Preset NRicoh GR, Lightroom 5.7, VSCO Kodak Portra 400 Similar but subtle differences can be seen. this is just a fun comparison and to be honest if you took your time tweaking the presets you could really have them all looking virtually the same. 'Alien Skin's Exposure 7' I feel has the nicest interface and overall micro control. But both 'VSCO' and 'Mastin Labs' are great strait out of the can. When it comes to …

Sunday Color Cast


SO selfie if you look close

Brisbane CBD

All images taken at lunch over the last couple of days, Ricoh GR, Lighroom, VSCO Kodak Portra 400