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Early Post Processing B&W

I must start by saying this was a post I created some time ago which never got published. I have changed my methods from this time but thought it would be worth publishing now anyway.
People keep asking me about my post processing methods. It really is very simple, I hoinestly take no loner than 3-4 minutes from start to finish.

I usually take the 'RAW' files into Lightroom, if there is any clipping I adjust the shadows and highlights, then strait into Photoshop CC. I know many people just do much of their work-flow here, It is something I really would like to adopt in the future. I just really need to put some time aside and get my head around what appears to be a very simple & intuitive piece of software.
While in Photoshop CC, I apply a Guy Gowen 'Process Action', it does a quick job of cleaning everything up and simple giving the files some needed 'POP'. I do find I neeed then to use his 'Digital Reflector Action' as the shadows seem to get a bit …

Color Perception its just not that Black & White

Color, to be or not to be, that is the question, or maybe the answer. Color is something I myself have not approriated into my finished work that often. In all honestly since starting this Blog a few years ago, you would be hard to find more than a dozen color images or so. I often admire the color work of others (insert several names here with links)  but have never really felt my work lent itself to the atributes and balance such artists possed in their work. Or is it my lack of method and conviction when dealing with color which has me shying away from color in my work ?

What is it that makes some images work in color where others do not ? I amm not referring to the obvious complimentry color of a field of flowers of technical and stylistic definitions of color theory. I am looking at this issue in respect to the emotional decisions for using black & white over color or vis versa.

Ricoh GR: Zun Lee, The Power of Vision by Jorge Ledesma

I take great pride and comfort in having a "brother in arms" with the GR as well. This time my great friend Zun Lee. Long time readers of this blog will surely recognize him as my first interviewee in the Togs Series. A couple of years I had this to say about his photography: Every once in a while something truly special happens. It can be an encounter with an old friend, a chat with your special loved one, or perhaps meeting someone new. Well, I had such a moment a few months ago when I discovered the work of Zun Lee over on Flickr. I’ve perused a multitude of streams and some have left me in awe but yet others have left an indelible impression on me — such is the power behind the images of Zun Lee. Folks, today Tog Series is proud to inaugurate with an amazing street photographer — Zun Lee. READ & SEE MORE 

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Girl Sitting ....

10 Classic Cameras Every Photographer Should Try by Michael Ernest Sweet

There is an argument to be made that photography is not about the camera. This is a valid argument in many respects. However, it can also be argued that a particular camera leaves a distinct fingerprint on the photographs it produces. That is, not all cameras make the same "kind" of photographs. Likewise, not all photographers make the same kind of photographs with the same cameras. There are many variables in the production of a photograph. For our purposes here, I only ask you to recognize the camera as one of these variables. Given this fact, it seems reasonable that any photographer would naturally want to experiment with different equipment - different cameras. You never know, one of these cameras might just become your new best friend. Here's 10 classic cameras that I suggest every photographer should have some hands-on experience with at some point in their photographic career. From film to digital, from 35mm to medium format, these cameras all provide a distinct…

Keepen Up the Color

SO just a few pics from this morning while walking down the Queen st mall. I am actually off this Sunday for work and also a ALC ROAD TRIP, Connor from Leica Australia will be accompanying me and Photographer Nick Bedford down the Great Ocean road to the 12 Apostles for what I am sure will be a great trip for all. 
I will be taking my trusty GR to document the journey. I will def get a post up once I return. Until then ...

Ricoh GR 2 ...

The Indonesian Communication Agency has a new listing on their website for a Ricoh GR II camera - a replacement for the current GR model. The official announcement will be in the next 30-60 days. Expect the price of the current GR model to drop (currently at $550). Some of the rumored GR II improvements are:


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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Another example of taking several shots as you approach the subject is probably a good idea. It's always interesting to see what a couple of steps can make to composition. I usually only take a single shot of a subject, most likely frame 3 above would have been "that" shot. I decided, for argument sake, to try and take 3-4 pictures .... and I am glad I did. Image 2 also is interesting and maybe a much stronger image. Just a bit of fun .....