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Leica Q vs Ricoh GR

Quick comparison between the Leica Q & Ricoh GR .........Posted with Blogsy

August Update

I have had a busy last couple of months with work and life. I do apologise for the lack there of any new content on the site. The Leica Q has been with me daily and much of my images have been limited to that camera. I do as you know, carry the GR everywhere and have taken the occasional snap. I plan on doing a ridiculous comparison just for the hell of it between the two very soon. The Leica Q with its full frame & 28mm f/1.7 lens against the Ricoh GR's APSC sensor and 28mm (equivalent) 2.8 lens. A David & Goliath showdown in the making so stay tuned.Also try and check out the West End Camera Club website. We post daily articles all related to photography in some way.CheersSimon Posted with Blogsy