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GEAR REVIEW // RICOH GR ll by Eric Kim

The Ricoh GR II is my favorite digital camera for street photography. Why? I love the aesthetics (minimalist), the ergonomics (how well it fits in my hand), as well as the image quality (RAW+my Lightroom presets get me 80-85% the look of Tri-X pushed to 1600).

At around only $600, the camera is a steal (28mm full-frame equivalent, APS-C sized DSLR sensor, and fits in your front pocket).

Another great camera for street photography is the Fujifilm X70-- which has the sensor of the Fujifilm X100T, but the compact size of the Ricoh GR II.

You can read my full review of the Ricoh GRII here:

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The Ricoh GRD4 by J T White

“In your opinion, what is the best digital camera ever made? I mean, if you could only have  one camera what would it be ?“The Ricoh GRD4.”“You mean the new one? The large sensor one? I think that is the GR..”“No. I mean the Ricoh GRD4.” An excerpt from an interview I did recently. I wonder if it will make it into the final cut. I was being honest though. If I could have only one camera it would be the Ricoh GRD4. I’m not taking the piss. It is the best (digital) camera I have ever used.I normally don’t like “5 reasons” kinda posts but I’m going to turn this into one because I think it is the best way to organize my thoughts on this matter. So here are the 5 reasons I think the Ricoh GRD4 is the best camera I have ever used: 1. Small sensors are king for me These days everyone rushes to get the big sensor camera. Even the guy interviewing me thought I was mistaken in saying the GRD4 and not the newer APS-C GR. Couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I much prefer small sensor camera…