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The Ricoh GRD4 by J T White

Iksan, South Korea. Ricoh GRD4.
Iksan, South Korea. Ricoh GRD4.

“In your opinion, what is the best digital camera ever made? I mean, if you could only have  one camera what would it be ? 
“The Ricoh GRD4.” 
“You mean the new one? The large sensor one? I think that is the GR..”
“No. I mean the Ricoh GRD4.” 
An excerpt from an interview I did recently. I wonder if it will make it into the final cut. I was being honest though. If I could have only one camera it would be the Ricoh GRD4. I’m not taking the piss. It is the best (digital) camera I have ever used. I normally don’t like “5 reasons” kinda posts but I’m going to turn this into one because I think it is the best way to organize my thoughts on this matter. So here are the 5 reasons I think the Ricoh GRD4 is the best camera I have ever used:
1. Small sensors are king for me
These days everyone rushes to get the big sensor camera. Even the guy interviewing me thought I was mistaken in saying the GRD4 and not the newer APS-C GR. Couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I much prefer small sensor cameras for a variety of reasons.
Let me explain....


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Ricoh has a new patent (2016-201400) field in Japan for a Bayer sensor without a colour filter array (CFA) which should create sharper monochrome images. If dreams could come true a Ricoh GR Monochrome (ala Leica) would be an absolute corker.
We are all holding our breath for the Next incarnation of the Cult Ricoh GR APSC Camera. A 'Ltd Edition Monochrome' camera would be fantastic indeed.  Finger, toes and balls crossed.
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VSCO FILM® 07 & Ricoh GR

Nice indeed, I'm really enjoying this pack. There is enough variety here that makes it worth the purchase, especially with the launch discount and stackable loyalty discount if you've purchased any one of their film packs before. Even still, VSCO packs are never cheap, and if you're wanting to get a good idea of the power of these presets and how easy they are to use, the new VSCO Film 00is aFREEstarter pack from VSCO - It has both Kodak Tri-Xand Kodak Gold 100. Back in the day, thats almost all one would need, so give it a crack - it's got more than just two presets, with all the variants you would expect (Kodak Tri-X 400 ++ anyone? :p )

VSCO Film 07 is available from the VSCO website,