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How to setup and use focus assist for Ricoh GR BY LESLIE CHUA

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide on how you can setup and use the “Focus Assist” function in Ricoh GR. Detailed Step by Step Guide on activating and using focus assist for Ricoh GR: 1) Ensure camera is not on “automatic” or “video mode”. 2) Press “Menu” button.
3) Go to “Shooting” Tab.
4) Press down to go to “FA/Move Target”
5) Press right (the flash button next to the Menu button) READ & SEE MORE Source (


I grabbed the SD card out of my Ricoh GR and plugged it into the Surface Peo 3. I have no Photo programs other that the AWESOME Photoscape......

I was pleased to use the freebie app exclusively for this post. Thought it would be an interesting way to develop the underexposed images from the Ricoh GR. It was underexposed because I was crapping around with Backlighting.