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About a year and a half ago, I bought a gem of photographic equipment, but I couldn’t find the time to write a good review about this camera, I am talking about Ricoh GR. Unfortunately, the camera is not being produced anymore, but you can still find a secondhand one. The one you will still find new to buy is the Ricoh GR II. The difference is that the second camera has an integrated WIFI, which helps you control the camera from a mobile device and helps you transfer photos wirelessly from your camera to your device. I would say this is the major novelty, the rest I consider less important or with no big difference, so I hope you will find this review useful in order to know these two cameras and help you choose a compact camera, in case you are looking for one. Firstly, I will show you a photograph taken with Ricoh GR. This photo was taken more than a month ago in Peru. He is Manuel, a 93 year old photographer who works in Plaza de Armas of Cusco and he spends his time taking photos…