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It's A Dusty Road .... to the Top if Ya Wanna Spot and Groan.

Original Dusty Sensor Image
My Ricoh GR as many might already know, is hanging on by the fingernails. Switching itself off, freezing, not focusing properly and generally being temperamental. The biggest issue however was dust, I had no dust until I had to send it away for a Warranty repair (lens kept sticking).

About 3 months after getting it back I noticed dust as in 'HEAPS' of it. I looked back at my files from the week after I received it back from Kennedy's (Australia) there it was dust everywhere ..... obviously during the repair they failed at some part of the process to protect the sensor and or just did not give it a clean before returning it to me. I double checked the files before I send the unit ... dust FREE.......

Photoshop dust removal and a slight exposure adjustment
A little 'Adobe Photoshop' and the good old 'healing' brush and Bob's your uncle. Please do not write complaining about my quick 1 minute 20 second healing job. It was just for this post .....

Lightroom VSCO Portra and some minor adjustments
Final image back into Lightroom for some minor adjustments and a VSCO Film Kodak Portra 160 (custom) preset. SO saved as far as I am concerned. Not ideal but doable. I will not be shooting with the Ricoh taht much as it just drives me crazy. I am still waiting to see what they put out with a new GR ..... until then..........


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Ricoh has a new patent (2016-201400) field in Japan for a Bayer sensor without a colour filter array (CFA) which should create sharper monochrome images. If dreams could come true a Ricoh GR Monochrome (ala Leica) would be an absolute corker.
We are all holding our breath for the Next incarnation of the Cult Ricoh GR APSC Camera. A 'Ltd Edition Monochrome' camera would be fantastic indeed.  Finger, toes and balls crossed.
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Nice indeed, I'm really enjoying this pack. There is enough variety here that makes it worth the purchase, especially with the launch discount and stackable loyalty discount if you've purchased any one of their film packs before. Even still, VSCO packs are never cheap, and if you're wanting to get a good idea of the power of these presets and how easy they are to use, the new VSCO Film 00is aFREEstarter pack from VSCO - It has both Kodak Tri-Xand Kodak Gold 100. Back in the day, thats almost all one would need, so give it a crack - it's got more than just two presets, with all the variants you would expect (Kodak Tri-X 400 ++ anyone? :p )

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